Dog Training Treats

There are so many options for treats for your dog that it can be hard to know what is the right one, as not all treats are created equal.

Treats are obviously a great way to train and reward your pet, so finding one that is not only healthy and good for your dog, is just as important as finding one they will like. 

Why use treats for training?

Treats are a great way to encourage and motivate your dog to perform a certain command/action. Treats, when used properly, can encourage positive and good behaviour.

The best dog training treats to use are a reward that your dog sees as high-value. A high-value treat is something you wouldn't give them every day. So not their usual meal or dry food. Something that your dog will be more motivated knowing they are going to get a better reward for their efforts.

There are numerous reasons why you should use treats for training your pooch, but the main reasons are because

  • We all love being rewarded for good behaviour - so do dogs!

  • Dogs are generally food driven - if a consequence to something they do is a yummy treat, they are more likely to do that behaviour again to earn that reward. 


What to look out for

Many pre packaged dog treats can be loaded with sugar, salt and preservatives so make sure you read the label on the packaging before purchasing. Look for items that are 100% natural and have no added flavours or chemicals, like Aussie Pooch Cookies or Soft and Chewy Bites.

Other processed options, like rawhide, often contain heavy chemicals that can cause digestive problems.

Natural and raw treats are always the best option. Not only are they healthy but they are great tasting (for your dog) as well.

Natural treats contain - liver, small pieces of jerky, pigs ears.

Raw treats - small chunks of meat like chicken, beef, pork, lamb, kangaroo and fish.


Note, human treats are not puppy treats.

Treats us humans love can have a negative impact on our dogs' health. Their metabolism is very different to ours, so it's important to remember that they will react differently to human food. It’s best to keep human treats all to yourself and have your pooch stick to treats that are made for them.

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