Joint stiffness and arthritis in dogs!

Do you have a growing pup or an active dog with joint stiffness and arthritis symptoms? If so, Canine Joint Plus+ may be for them.
First, what is arthritis?
Arthritis is a common medical condition that affects one or more joints. There are a few different types of arthritis in dogs.
Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative joint disease which is the cumulative effect of long-term wear and tear on the joint structures.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease (pretty rare in dogs), where the body produces auto-reactive antibodies that attack the joint structures and results in chronic long term inflammatory joint disease.
Early Onset Arthritis occurs in many large breed dogs at age 5-6 + or in dogs with a history of joint injuries. It can also occur in dogs on a poor diet, overweight dogs, or in highly active or working breeds.
Mature Age Arthritis is the more traditional ‘old dog’ arthritis that affects most pets in the latter years of life. In this situation, diet change and weight loss are often important factors.
Dogs can’t tell us verbally how they are feeling, so we must watch their body language and behaviour. If your dog is suffering with joint issues, they might be displaying behavioural changes that could relate to it. Read here what to look for. If you have noticed any different symptoms in your dog, they may be experiencing a joint issue which could be causing pain, inflammation, and discomfort for them.

Products that may assist in the treatment of inflammation

Canine Joint Plus+ has been designed to assist with these needs in mind and it provides essential nutrients for your dog’s joints and cartilage.
This BBQ flavoured glucosamine powder is made with the highest quality ingredients and can simply be mixed with your dog’s food each day. The benefits of Canine Joint Plus+ will assist with joint stiffness, arthritis and provide essential nutrients for your dog’s joints and cartilage, to help keep your pet happy and healthy.


CB2 Oil For Pets  – Hemp Shack's CB2 for Pets may offer many therapeutic benefits. This product is an oral terpene-based plant tincture that may assist with the following health conditions:

  • Inflammatory pain - Reduces symptoms of painful inflammatory-related conditions, such as arthritis.

  • Anxiety and depression - Balances mood and relieves feelings of sadness, stress, and anxiety. Great for separation anxiety or fear during storms.

  • Relaxation - Calms the body and may include seizure support.

  • Immune system support - Protects cell linings and promotes healthy gut bacteria.

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 The product listed above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
 We make no therapeutic claims for these products.
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