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Keeping your dogs nails trimmed

Clipping a dog’s nails is something most dog owners find stressful and would rather not have to do. So do we really need to clip a dog's nails? The short answer is yes. 

Back when dogs roamed free in the wild their nails would naturally wear down but now that they have become more domesticated it is important to keep them clipped regularly. It saves our floors and sometimes even our skin from becoming scratched. It is also good for your dog to keep their nails clipped shorter. If they become too long and curl back into your dog's skin they can become very uncomfortable.


How long should my dog’s nails be

Your dog's nails shouldn’t be able to touch the ground when they are standing up. If they do, they are in need of a clip. Another tell-tale sign that your dog’s nails are overdue for a clip is if you hear them make a noise on the ground when your dog walks.

How often should my dog’s nails be cut

As a general rule of thumb, you should cut your dog’s nails every month or two, depending on how fast they grow. You should check the condition of your dog’s paws often to see if there are any noticeable issues.

How short can I cut my dog’s nails

It is very important that you do not cut your dog’s nails too short. In the nail, there is what is called a quick, which is a nerve and blood vessel in your pooch’s nails. If you knick the quick, it will bleed and can be painful for your pooch. In light coloured nails, you are able to see the quick quite easily - it looks like a pink band in the middle of the claw. It is recommended that you cut about 2mm away from the quick. However if their nails don’t get trimmed very often, then it is a good idea to shorten them a little at a time. 

What clippers should I use

Dog’s nails are quite tough and human nail clippers won’t work on your pooch. There are many specialised clippers that you can use for your pooch. Make sure you get the nail clippers designed specifically for the size of your dog's claws for a safer and easier process. 

How do i cut my dog's nails

The best protocol is to take your time when your dog is getting their nails clipped. Try to relax and not stiffen up or hold your dog's nail tighter when they go to pull away. You need to be firm but also relaxed so your dog feels at ease and understands that you are in control but also won’t hurt them.

Who else can I contact to clip my dog's nails

Every Aussie Pooch Mobile dog wash groomer is trained in clipping your dog's nails and it is included in every hydrobath service.

Your local vet can also clip your dog's nails for you.

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