Insecticidal Spray & Pine Oil Cleanser 500ml


A very popular and highly effective Flea and Tick kill formulation.
Used as a spray on dogs and horses ears to keep flies and midges at bay.
It also aids in the relief of rain scold on horses and hot spots on dogs.

The main active, Permethrin, lasts for a few days, however during the Flea season the animal should be sprayed daily and the product brushed into the coat to control fresh flea attachments.

We also recommend spraying on Animal bedding and yard surfaces with flea activity to help kill infestations. Don’t forget to spray those out of sight areas where flea eggs could be laying dormant.

Pine Oil is an effective natural skin itch reliever. 

Daily inspection for ticks is recommended.

Active Constituents: 5 g/L Piperonyl Butoxide, 2 g/L of Permethrin 25:75 also Contains: 20 g/L Refined Pine Oil.

Proudly Australian Made

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