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Lick It Mat


A Lick It Mat is an ideal way to support your dog with separation anxiety when you are leaving them home alone. 

You can use it for any occasion when you leave your home, be it in the morning when you go to work, when you go out shopping, or any other time. 

Through repetition, your dog will associate you leaving with a pleasant experience and this changes the nature of the transition from negative and anxious to a positive and soothing experience. 

Of course, you can also use the Lick It Mat at any time of the day or night for your dog when they deserve a treat.  It can distract your dog while you eat your dinner or any other occasion you need your dog distracted and quiet. Just a small treat that won’t fill them up and keeps them calm even after the treat is finished.

We recommend using the KONG Easy Treat in Bacon and Cheese flavour, or the KONG Easy Treat Puppy. They will be sure to love it!


**Does not come with Kong Easy Treat Stuffing** 

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